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Airport transfers

Date and TIme







Revotrip guarantees a fixed price at which you ordered that includes all taxes, tolls, fees and you will not find any hidden surprises such as fees, surcharges and fines even if the driver arbitrarily chooses a different route, e.g. due to traffic jam. Do not drive a regular taxi, you risk a high surcharge during peak hours or overpricing by a rogue taxi driver.


If you have been forced to change the plans, you can cancel the transfer at least 1 hour before your departure. Individual trips and hourly rentals at least 24 hours before.


The driver arrives at the arrival hall about 10 minutes after the landing time and waits up to 60 minutes if necessary. We track the times of all flights using a specialized app, so we'll know about any delay or early arrival. When travelling to the airport, the driver usually arrives at the pickup location 10 minutes in advance and waits 15 minutes after the pickup time ordered.


Upon arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by the driver in the arrival hall (after the luggage claim). On the way to the airport, e.g. at the address of the apartments, the driver waits at the entrance to the building or at the hotels guest are welcomed at the reception.

Drivers will be happy to offer you help with your luggage.


We offer comfortable cars for 1-3 PAX and VANs for up to 8 PAX, also in business and premium class. Mercedes Benz is our brand of choice, which is the most popular among our customers and we have the best feedback. However, there are other premium brands in the fleet, such as AUDI or BMW.

Our professional drivers have all the necessary licenses, every year they undergo the necessary training and medical examinations and take you safely to your desired destination.


- From door to door
We'll pick you up at the house and drop off at the airport, no more stops in between, no other passengers.

- We'll take the whole family with suitcases
Our cars are always available to you and on time, without waiting and perfectly clean. One classic car of the business class will take 3 passengers, or you can opt for the VAN that can take up to 8 passengers! In addition, if you are travelling with children, we will gladly prepare a special baby car seat for FREE.

- We have air conditioning :)
It's incredible, but in many parts of the world, you can still find unconditioned public transport! And especially in the summer, it's a hell.

- No worries about parking
Parking at the airport is overpriced, you must book it in advance and it takes some time to fill up all the forms the airport. Leave your car safe at home.