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Do You Need an Advice? 

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can save up your time and before you try to contact us you can have a look if you question have not been answered bellow already. 


1) Are the prices charged per person or per vehicle? 

All prices are always for the vehicle! Price includes fare, taxes and fees. The maximum number of passengers and luggage is shown for each class of car and if one of them is exceeded, another car needs to be ordered. Tip for the driver is not included in the total price, but it is customary to tip between 10-15%. 


2) What if my flight or train is delayed? 

From years of experience, we know that every day there is possibility of delay for various reasons such as delay in boarder control or while you wait for you luggage. That is why we will wait for you up to 60 minutes after arriving at the airport or arriving at the train station. By providing a flight or train number when booking, the driver is able to track the current time of your arrival and arrive accordingly at the pickup. Our drivers are not able to wait, if the delay exceed 90 min. In this case we will contact you. 


3) What if my flight or train arrives early? 

By entering a flight or train number into your order, we will know when you arrive. Usually, drivers are around airports and train stations and earlier arrival within 30 minutes should not be a problem. 


4) What if my driver is not in the pickup time?

Take a good look at the arrival hall and look for the Revotrip sign with your name. The driver should be at the pick-up area at the latest 15 minutes after the time of arrival. If this does not happen, please contact us immediately. Please note that each transfer is scheduled with a time allowance, but due to unforeseen events (such as a delay on a previous client, accident or jam on the road, etc.), there may be a slight delay on our side. We will do our best to minimize these occurrences. 


5) Can I edit the order/transfer? 

After signing in to your account, click on ORDERS, select the order you want to edit and click EDIT. Changes in orders are allowed up to 12 hours before transfer, and the price should be reimbursed immediately. If you fly with a hand luggage but the airline provider checked it out at the airport, you can change this information in the application up to 30 minutes before the transfer.

6) How can I cancel my order/ transfer? 

You can cancel your entire order or individual drive after signing in to your user account or by sending us an email, but no later than 1 hour before the pickup time! For hourly rental, international and long-distance transfers whose blocking / driving is longer than 6 hours, the ride can be modified or canceled no later than 24 hours in advance. In case of non-compliance, NO SHOW will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.


7) How long will the driver wait for me?

The driver waits 15 minutes for the regular hotel pick up. At Vaclav Havel Airport Prague and Prague Main Train Station, the drivers wait for 60 min. 

IMPORTANT: If you have problems with luggage claim, filing complain at the airport or any similar issues, you need to contact us immediately on the company phone number +420 728 371 963 and inform us about your delay. Furthermore, we would like to kindly ask you to refrain from any unnecessary shopping on the airport as it might occur that other aircrafts will arrive and you will get delayed on the border control or you will have difficulty with finding your luggage. 


8) Where do I meet my driver? 

We provide "Meet and Greet" service, which means that the driver will wait for you and will welcome you to the pick-up zone. At the regular address, or the apartments, the driver waits at the entrance to the building. At hotels and guesthouses pickups the driver will be waiting at the reception. On arrivals at Václav Havel Airport Prague, the driver waits in the arrival hall, almost at the exit of the building (under passport control and luggage delivery). At the Main Train Station, Prague is waiting for the Burger King restaurant, located in the middle of the station's terminal.


9) Can you stop for lunch or visit places of interest? 

In case you ordered an intercity transfer or an international transfer, our drivers will make a short (approximately 15min) safety break after every 2-3 hours of driving. There is no problem at all to go to the toilet or go for quick food break at no extra cost. However, if you require a longer stop (more than 15 minutes) or more than one stop at this 2-3 hour interval, a waiting fee will be charged to you. Off-route trips will be charged extra, based on mileage according to the pricelist.


10) Can you smoke in cars? 
Unfortunately, smoking is strictly forbidden in our cars throughout the entire period of transfer, even for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers! After your transfer there is more likely another one line up for next customer. Therefore, we need to avoid any damage to the car and interior.


Another questions? Please send us an e-mail