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Book a transfer or trip to Regensburg, Germany's second oldest city with more than 2000 years of history and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the beautiful old town of Stadtamhof with its cathedral and stone bridge over the Danube.

In this destination travelers spend: approx. 2 hrs

Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg

Regensburg is a popular destination for local and foreign visitors and is referred to as the jewel of the Danube river. Celts used to call it Radasbona in ancient times and later the ancient Romans changed the city’s name to Castro Regina - a fortress on the river Regen. After the fortress was destroyed in the 4th century, a new era of the city known as Regensburg began. It reached its greatest boom in the 12th-13th centuries when it became an important trading city on the way between Prague and Venice and also the largest and richest city in southern Germany. In 2006 the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Traditional stops include the historic city centre, where you will find the famous Stone Bridge over the Danube, St. Peter's Cathedral with its stained-glass windows, which create a unique mysterious atmosphere in the interior or a museum with a temple treasure and a historic pharmacy. The Roman tower (Römerturm) was built around 1200 and is not the only Roman-preserved monument that has survived here. Porta Pretoria is the other monument and it is the only Roman gate north of the Alps. You can also admire the ancient architecture of the local town hall from the 13th century, as well as the historic buildings and churches around Haidplatz. A bit further away is the Thurn-Taxis Chateau that was originally a monastery of St. Jimram and was rebuilt by the Thurn-Taxis family to the castle mansion in the 19th century. Since then the chateau is still inhabited by the family, but it is possible to arrange a tour.

Regensburg is also known for its gastronomy, especially its pubs. Regensburg has the highest density of pubs of all German cities! At the stone bridge, you should not miss the oldest "sausage factory" in the world called Wurstkuchl. Here you can taste the renowned “Sechs mit Kraut” - six Regensburg sausages with cabbage and side dish. If you do not have so much time, you can order a takeout version called "Three in a roll with cabbage". As a memory or gift, you can buy handmade, unmistakable mustard based on the traditional Handelmaier recipe.


In the historic streets of the city, there are many shops and boutiques that offer both traditional as well as special goods. There are plenty of fashion boutiques, jewellery shops, traditional handmade shops and culinary delights located here and not far from the city centre you can find a shopping centre Donau with more than 135 shops.

TIP: When visiting Regensburg, we recommend visiting the nearby Donaustauf. It is about 15km from Regensburg and you will find the Walhalla memorial. It is a splendid building towering over the river Danube and serves as a memorial to important personalities, opened in 1842 by King Louis I. Since that year, there have been 96 busts and 64 honouring plaques. Since 2014, 195 important personalities of German history were commemorated here.

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With us, there are no hidden fees, and the sum that you paid will not change after the confirmation! The Fixed Price includes all local taxes, tolls, fees. The Gratuity is voluntary but very welcomed.


At the pick-up point, the driver will greet you with your name, written on a tablet and will also be happy to help you with your luggage. All drivers follow the formal Business dress code.


In most countries, it is mandatory to use special car seats when transporting children. Your children´s safety is a priority for us, and we will be happy to provide it for you for FREE.


All drivers speak English, have the necessary professional licenses and undergo the required training and medical examinations every year, and all vehicles comply with the required local legislation.

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