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DURATION: approx. 358 min

DISTANCE: approx. 585 km

Total from:

Individual transfer

Berlin to Munich


Transfer from Berlin to Munich in representative cars at a low price with your own individual trip setup. Visit Dresden, Nuremberg and more popular destinations along the way. Try our Trip Planner and explore much more from Europe with REVOCARS!

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Door to Door in 5 hr 58 min

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Waypoints along the way

There is a lot of popular places along the way to Mnichov, Německo! They can make your trip more interesting!

Berlín, Německo



Explore one of the largest cities of eastern Germany. The tour to Dresden can be pure sightseeing or you can…

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Explore one of the largest cities of eastern Germany. The tour to Dresden can be pure sightseeing or you can link it to the great shopping opportunities. The history of the city is very rich and is definitely worth exploring. Most of the city centre got bombarded at the end of World War II. but the city managed to repair most of it and now you can admire the unique architecture and the marvels of the city. 


Do not miss in Dresden:

- Zwinger
This gallery was created in 1709 and offers paintings that are linked with the greatest names. You can be excited to see the Sistine Madonna by Raffaelo, but also paintings created by Giorgione, Titian, Correggio, Mantegna, Botticelli, Parmigianino. One of the large exhibitions of this gallery composes painting from Rembrandt.

- Frauenkirche
This church is a dominant landmark in the city. It was bombarded and almost razed to the ground. The remainings of the church were left untouched to remind the horrors of World War II. After the reunion of the West and East Germany, the church had been restored. 

- Hofkirche
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and the largest temple building in Saxony.

- Procession of Princes
This 394-foot mural along the wall in the Royal Mews courtyard depicts a parade of Saxony rulers, mainly the Wettings family. The mural was made in 1876 from porcelain tiles and it incredibly survived the 1945 bombing that destroyed most of the surrounding buildings.  

- The residential mansion and courtyard Stallhof
The SKD (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden) complex, is one of the most important and oldest museum complexes in the world. There you can explore the Green Vault Museum, the world-renowned largest and richest treasury in Europe. Don't forget to also explore the courtyard of the Stallhof Castle Riding Hall, which used to serve as a venue for many riding tournaments. 

- Semperoper
It was built in the style of the Italian High Renaissance, destroyed twice during the history and nowadays it serves as a State Opera and Orchestra.

- Lipsiusbau
It is a marvellous building with a distinctive glass dome where contemporary art exhibitions take place.

- Volkswagen glass factory
The unique e-Golf factory. This factory that has glass walls gives you a unique experience to see the car production first handed. 

- Neumarkt Square
It is the most famous square in the centre of Dresden in the original 18th-century Baroque style. Around the Frauenkirche church, there are many narrow streets that invite you to walk, shop or sit in restaurants and cafés.

This unique building that was built to look like a mosque in 1906 used to be a headquarters and factory for a tobacco company. 


For shopping in Dresden:
(Sunday closed!)

- Dresden Gallery Center

- Globetrotter

- Barockviertel

- Karstadt

- Altmarkt Gallery Dresden

- Prager Strasse


See something more around Dresden

It is possible to extend this trip with additional locations. The final price will be calculated individually. We recommend the following locations: 

- Bastei
The impressive Bastei Rock Bridge is located in a nature sanctuary area with perfect views of the cliffs and the Elbe Canyon. This unique place is definitely recommended as an addition to your trip at any time of the year, definitely worth it!


- Königstein
Königstein Fortress was built on a tableland and became the largest military fortress in Europe and the oldest surviving German barracks. The walls reach a height of 42m and have never been overcome. A great attraction is also a well deep 152.5m.

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Time at destination: 360 min Add

Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg



The Franks called the city the German Rome and nowadays most of the local landmarks come from this period. It…

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The Franks called the city the German Rome and nowadays most of the local landmarks come from this period. It is rightfully said of Bamberg that it offers one of the best-preserved collections of early medieval monuments from the time of the Holy Roman Empire. There are three historic districts on the UNESCO list, where altogether more than a thousand buildings are protected as a heritage.


The oldest part is Bergstadt, that is built on 7 hills, where each of them offers a dominant landmark. The largest and most important is the imperial dome of St. Peter and George dating back to 1002. Right next to it, you can find the chateau Neue Residenz, with its state library and a romantic rose park. A little higher on the next hill is the Convent of St. Michaela, admirable not only from the outside, but also from the inside, where you can find rich murals. The large adjacent park than offers a terrace that is overlooking the city and the river. You can walk along the river channels undisturbed or stop by one of the cafés on Am Kranen Street and soak up the great atmosphere of a place that the locals call often call Little Venice. Not far from here you will find Grüner Market with its many shops leading to the city centre, where you will find Maximilian Square. Beer lovers can look forward to taste more than 400 varieties of beers from 9 local breweries! The biggest speciality is the local Rauchbier, so-called "smoked" beer.

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Time at destination: 180 min Add




Nuremberg is a historic city known for a majestic castle built on sandstone ridge, that offers a stunning view…

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Nuremberg is a historic city known for a majestic castle built on sandstone ridge, that offers a stunning view over the old town. You can also explore the Nuremberg’s catacombs, which are full of ancient cellars, arched ceilings, secret passageways and old breweries. Tourists come here mainly to experience the traditional Christmas markets, a zoo with delphinium or to taste the delicious food with seasonal specialities, which are however dominated by excellent sausages. You can also try the local beer, which has been brewed here for more than 700 years. Nuremberg is not only a centre of arts and culture but also of science and technology, which can be demonstrated by the subway, that is fully automated. 

Recommended stops in Nuremberg:

Kaiserburg historic centre and imperial castle
Nuremberg Castle is a group of medieval fortified buildings on a sandstone ridge dominating the historical centre of the city. The journey to the Kaiserburg Castle offers you incredible view over the typical Bavarian architecture.

The renowned Christmas Market is the largest in Central Europe, with over 2 million visitors every year. It always takes place in December until 24.12. The markets consist of about 200 stalls offering Christmas goods and local specialities such as Nuremberg gingerbread, bishop sandwiches as well as the famous Nuremberg sausages. Moreover, if you like chocolate, try fruit or chilli peppers dipped in chocolate.

National German Museum
Take a look at the local collections and see the past when Nuremberg was an essential centre of business. 

Toy Museum
The local museum is one of the world's most famous museums of this type and is a real paradise for children.

PLAYMOBIL Amusement Park
It is the perfect place for younger children, that is located just outside of Nuremberg.

Zoo and delphinium
Nuremberg Zoo with delphinium has something to offer and is the most visited zoo in Germany.

Shopping in Nuremberg
Shopping in and around Nuremberg is a great idea. The most famous shopping area is located between the Hall Platz and the Unschlittplatz, the White Tower and the Spitalgasse. On the outskirt of the Nuremberg you can find the largest shopping centre in Northern Bavaria called Franken Center. 

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Time at destination: 360 min Add

Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg



Regensburg is a popular destination for local and foreign visitors and is referred to as the…

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Regensburg is a popular destination for local and foreign visitors and is referred to as the jewel of the Danube river. Celts used to call it Radasbona in ancient times and later the ancient Romans changed the city’s name to Castro Regina - a fortress on the river Regen. After the fortress was destroyed in the 4th century, a new era of the city known as Regensburg began. It reached its greatest boom in the 12th-13th centuries when it became an important trading city on the way between Prague and Venice and also the largest and richest city in southern Germany. In 2006 the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Traditional stops include the historic city centre, where you will find the famous Stone Bridge over the Danube, St. Peter's Cathedral with its stained-glass windows, which create a unique mysterious atmosphere in the interior or a museum with a temple treasure and a historic pharmacy. The Roman tower (Römerturm) was built around 1200 and is not the only Roman-preserved monument that has survived here. Porta Pretoria is the other monument and it is the only Roman gate north of the Alps. You can also admire the ancient architecture of the local town hall from the 13th century, as well as the historic buildings and churches around Haidplatz. A bit further away is the Thurn-Taxis Chateau that was originally a monastery of St. Jimram and was rebuilt by the Thurn-Taxis family to the castle mansion in the 19th century. Since then the chateau is still inhabited by the family, but it is possible to arrange a tour.

Regensburg is also known for its gastronomy, especially its pubs. Regensburg has the highest density of pubs of all German cities! At the stone bridge, you should not miss the oldest "sausage factory" in the world called Wurstkuchl. Here you can taste the renowned “Sechs mit Kraut” - six Regensburg sausages with cabbage and side dish. If you do not have so much time, you can order a takeout version called "Three in a roll with cabbage". As a memory or gift, you can buy handmade, unmistakable mustard based on the traditional Handelmaier recipe.


In the historic streets of the city, there are many shops and boutiques that offer both traditional as well as special goods. There are plenty of fashion boutiques, jewellery shops, traditional handmade shops and culinary delights located here and not far from the city centre you can find a shopping centre Donau with more than 135 shops.

TIP: When visiting Regensburg, we recommend visiting the nearby Donaustauf. It is about 15km from Regensburg and you will find the Walhalla memorial. It is a splendid building towering over the river Danube and serves as a memorial to important personalities, opened in 1842 by King Louis I. Since that year, there have been 96 busts and 64 honouring plaques. Since 2014, 195 important personalities of German history were commemorated here.

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Time at destination: 120 min Add

Mnichov, Německo