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DURATION: approx. 141 min

DISTANCE: approx. 214 km

Total from:

Individual transfer

Carlsbad to Nuremberg

Czech republic, Germany

Transfer from Carlsbad to Nuremberg in representative cars at a low price with your own individual trip setup. Visit Loket, Bamberg and more popular destinations along the way. Try our Trip Planner and explore much more from Europe with REVOCARS!

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Door to Door in 2 hr 21 min

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Waypoints along the way

There is a lot of popular places along the way to Norimberk, Německo! They can make your trip more interesting!

Karlovy Vary
Loket Loket Loket Loket Loket Loket Loket Loket


Česká Republika

The location, where you can find nowadays town of Loket was first inhabited in the 6th century…

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The location, where you can find nowadays town of Loket was first inhabited in the 6th century and thanks to its excellent strategic position the royal castle was built here on the local granite massif that is surrounded by the river Ohre later on in the 12th century. Originally the castle was built as a border fort and server as a stronghold for the kings, nobles and citizens of the city. Later in the 19th and 20th century the caste was repurposed and become a prison. At the castle, you will find antique furniture, extensive weapons exhibition, porcelain, old pharmacy and castle cellars. In the castle cellars, you will find a unique exhibition of Torture, including torture machines, moving dummies and sounds. Below the castle, you can explore the rest of the historic town, where you can find old townhouses, hotels, town hall and the picturesque square.



Loket Castle and its surroundings have become known from the world blockbuster with Agent 007, Casino Royale, but there are other interesting and popular places in Loket. Explore the remains of the city walls and sample the beer from the local brewery Florian, located in the malt house of the original historic brewery. After you cross the bridge and get to the other side of the river, you will have the opportunity to walk to the many viewpoints that are located in the nearby forests or you can go down to the river meander. There you will find a beautiful leisure park and the Amphitheater, where various events are held all year round with a perfect atmosphere. From the park, you can also see the nearby hill, which is well-known for lovers of gasoline and especially Motocross. You will find there a venue where several Motocross World Championships were held as well as the annual Motocross GP of the Czech Republic!

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Time at destination: 120 min Add

Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg Bamberg



The Franks called the city the German Rome and nowadays most of the local landmarks come from this period. It…

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The Franks called the city the German Rome and nowadays most of the local landmarks come from this period. It is rightfully said of Bamberg that it offers one of the best-preserved collections of early medieval monuments from the time of the Holy Roman Empire. There are three historic districts on the UNESCO list, where altogether more than a thousand buildings are protected as a heritage.


The oldest part is Bergstadt, that is built on 7 hills, where each of them offers a dominant landmark. The largest and most important is the imperial dome of St. Peter and George dating back to 1002. Right next to it, you can find the chateau Neue Residenz, with its state library and a romantic rose park. A little higher on the next hill is the Convent of St. Michaela, admirable not only from the outside, but also from the inside, where you can find rich murals. The large adjacent park than offers a terrace that is overlooking the city and the river. You can walk along the river channels undisturbed or stop by one of the cafés on Am Kranen Street and soak up the great atmosphere of a place that the locals call often call Little Venice. Not far from here you will find Grüner Market with its many shops leading to the city centre, where you will find Maximilian Square. Beer lovers can look forward to taste more than 400 varieties of beers from 9 local breweries! The biggest speciality is the local Rauchbier, so-called "smoked" beer.

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Time at destination: 180 min Add

Norimberk, Německo