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Book hourly, if you have more business meetings scheduled for one day and you can't afford to waste your time calling and waiting for a TAXI that will eventually cost you much more? Or do you want to invite a girlfriend to a delicious tasting dinner paired with delicious wine close to Prague and need a ride back and forth? How about a hen party in the form of shopping? Hourly rental car with driver is an ideal choice! Order a one-hour rental regardless of the day or night when you need transportation through the city.



The hourly rental is especially popular by the businessmen from a large company which thanks to this service can manage up to 5 business meetings in various places not only around Prague during a single day. In practice, we usually pick up our customer at Prague's Vaclav Havel Airport in the morning, take him to the chosen destination and wait for him in the vicinity until the deal is finished, the customer let us know when they are ready and the driver will prepare the vehicle by the entrance and follow to the next destination, after the last client's meeting, we drive back to the airport or to the hotel.

The hourly rental has many benefits:       

  1. You do the work you need
    Instead of driving a car in a city you don't know, you can relax at the back of the car and get ready for the next meeting or make phone calls, check email, write documents.

  2. Top-level privacy
    Drivers at Revocars are trained to the highest ethical standards and decodes to ensure that our customers' privacy and your business information is safe. We always aim for the highest quality of service.

  3. Luggage storage
    You don't have to take your luggage to every meeting with you and only take what you need. You can leave your personal belongings in the trunk of a car and we will look after them. 




We know how important reliable transport is in organizing major events! We will arrange transportation of clients to various events, exactly according to your specifications. With our luxury limousines, we can transport very demanding General Directors and Managers, and we prepare Business VAN deliveries for our employees. We provide corporate transport to conferences, congresses, seminars, VIP events, team building events, company parties, school events, etc.

We were partners in the following events:

IBSA, Laver Cup, BioTech, Prague Gaming Summit, The RE / MAX Convention, The Linux Foundation, The Information Factory Meeting ...





Do you like to go shopping big, but you do not want to wear shopping bags and your husband or friend does not have the time or mood to go with you? Try shopping with Revocars personal driver! Our hourly car rental is exactly what you are looking for and what you will fall in love with!

Advantages of the car higher:

  1. Relax and feel free to have a few glasses of champagne with your friends and enjoy your shopping in style, we drive!
  2. You will order as many shopping centers as you can manage within the ordered hours.
  3. Forget a long search for a parking space in crowded car parks, the driver will drop you off at the main entrance and you can go shopping right away.
  4. The driver will help you with the shopping bags and take them to the trunk of the car. You can continue shopping and recall the drivers whenever you need.
  5. You can extend the service if necessary.
  6. The driver will take your shopping bags to the front door of your home.




Are you planning to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or do you want to make an unforgettable prom? Start the party in style with REVOCARS!

For weddings, we will provide you with a sufficient number of cars to transport all the wedding guests. At your request, the vehicles can be decorated with ribbons, flowers and other similar decorations. The wedding is supposed to be the nicest day in the life. To be able to do so, you should have as little concern as possible. We only need a few information and we will prepare everything, take care of any permits, communicate with the wedding coordinator or authorities and we will take you through your important day comfortably :-) Weddings with Revocars guarantee your satisfaction. Our drivers are appropriately prepared for this day in suits, our limousines always come in a polished and clean interior that smells like you are in a new car. The right atmosphere is guaranteed. Whether you are planning a big or small wedding with your loved ones, we can all take you all in one moment. On request, our wedding cars can be perfectly decorated with wedding decorations. You can choose from ribbons, garlands or flowers.

Our professional drivers are discreet and, in every circumstance, adhere to a strict ethical code, so we are able to provide transport to VIPs who may be interested in various media.

Enjoy your ride comfortably without the stress with a glass of champagne in your hand and pleasant music that you can choose. 

For your peace of mind, we recommend ordering vehicles at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure for eventual decoration and eventual discussion of transportation details.